Today we held our first Strand on the Green dance festival - our dancers from Strand on the Green reception, Strand on the Green Infants and Strand on the Green Juniors as well as special guests from St Mary’s Primary school joined us to showcase what they have been working on this term.
The children also got to watch a special performance from one of our choreographers.
Today Ghost dance Troupe held and ran the Hammersmith and Fulham dance festival - most of our schools in the Hammersmith borough travelled to Melcombe Primary School to perform a dance piece to celebrate dance.
All the kids did an amazing job.
Today on the hottest day of the year some of our dancers from St Mary’s Primary school and Strand on the Green Junior school performed at a great event. St Mary’s school is situated in front of the very busy A4 which means the children get fumes from the thousands of cars in their playground. So the parents and locals raised money to build a beautiful living wall to help clean the air.
It was a pleasure being asked to perform at the unveiling.

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​
It’s been a while - we do apologise that we haven’t been updating our website but we have been busy building and growing Ghost Dance Troupe. We have picked up so many new schools, teaching dance as part of the PE curriculum which is something we are very passionate about.