marie nyarko
"Amazing Dance Troupe... Fantastic teachers and dancers- very professional... Great academies!"
Lisa gormley
"Ghost Dt is a fantastic dance group where the children learn amazing routines. They absolutely love going every week, not only are they doing what they love most ( which is to dance) they also have lots of fun. The dance teacher and the manager are amazing at working with children and making sure they dance to the best of their ability! It's great to help with a child's co-ordination and cognitive development as they have to learn the moves in the correct order. I would highly recommend this fantastic dance group to anyone with children."
Rochey harris 
" A really good dance company, that my daughter loves... Has boosted her confidence a lot more"
Rhea - fulham dance troupe 
"it's Fun and I get to learn new moves"
Kate barry - parent
"Very welcoming,Fab class, great teachers. looking forward to my daughters future with Ghost Dance Troupe."
Katie & Layla - chiswick dance troupe
"Ghost DT its really energetic and active we get to learn to do cool dance moves its better than watching TV and you get to make new friends, Our dance teachers make it magical. Beth, Tyrell and Maureen are also really cool."
Emma fisher - parent
"Ghost Dt has been amazing my 2 girls started last October and have gained so much confidence in the past few months they get so excited Friday evenings as they know Saturdays dance they never stop practicing my tv is constantly on the music channels so they can get all the moves perfect  i must say the guys that teach the classes Beth Thompson and Tyrell paisley are amazing they always have such a positive attitude and make the classes so much fun Thanks guys keep up all your hard work looking toward to a great 2014"